Top 3 Bonuses Of New Casinos In 2016

The iGaming market has grown considerably in the past few years, mainly since it offers its clients the convenience of playing almost anywhere, it can be accessed through various kinds of devices and it is more affordable than going to an actual casino. Can’t go to Vegas? Vegas comes to you!

What you need to know about the top 3 bonuses of new casinos 2016?

Top 3 Bonuses Of new Casinos 2016

As usual, wherever there is a good business there is competition. And as the newcomers strive to join in alongside the big casinos and get a piece of the pie, the players get more offers and more bonuses from both sides. For example, the top 3 bonuses of new casinos 2016 were free spins, welcome bonus offers, and no deposit free spins. Eventually, all online casinos started offering, mostly, the same promotions and advantages, varying the amount of spins, bonus values and etc. This highly benefits the players, especially the beginners that can try iGaming without spending actual money, gaining the courage to go for more winning opportunities. It’s a win-win!

Differences Between The Types Of Free Spins

Getting free spins basically means you get to spin slots in a game without paying for it. You are probably thinking ‘where is the catch?’ there isn’t one, but there is more to it. When an online casino offers an iGamer free spins it requires them to make a deposit first. The price of deposit varies widely from site to site and even from game to game (from 5 to 20 bucks or more). During the free spins, though, nothing will be taken from their balance and any winnings will be added to their accounts. When it comes to ‘No deposit free spins’ as the name gives away they just need to sign up, no deposits are required. Now you might be wondering why casinos would do this. It is actually pretty simple: as the free spins provide high return percentage to players it will encourage them to play more, make more deposits and come back. So the casinos are investing keeping in mind the long run and working on gaining the iGamers preference. In order to keep the players happy and to reduce their risks, there might be wagering requirements (which apply only for the free spin winnings), meaning that before you can withdraw your balance winnings, you have to spin through them until you reach a certain value, which also varies a lot (around 10x to 50x). It is advisable to read the terms and conditions before you start playing, but there is no need to worry, though; it is not that hard to reach the value and it is totally worth it for the player.

Online Casino Bonus Offers

The online casinos can offer a range of promotional bonuses from refer a friend bonuses, tournament bonuses, match bonuses, to the free spins and no deposit free spins, just to name a few. To receive a welcome bonus, for example, all you need to do is register for an account. They generally come with no strings attached and in many different shapes and sizes to please all kinds of iGaming enthusiasts. Everyday they become more innovative. When you weight your choices, though, don’t forget to read the playthrough requirements found in the terms and conditions of each casino. After that you just need to choose the one that suits you the best and start playing!