Memorable Casinos Of 2016 – Right Year To Gamble

Each year casinos are becoming more and more popular throughout the world. Many people are happier about online casinos since they can be accessed at any point and from any given location. Surely the year 2016 was a big year for online casinos and it was, in fact, the right year to gamble. Numerous casinos launched their new sites with amazing layouts that attracted many gamblers, and all of that thanks to the vivid pictures, better graphics, and newer slot games.

Recap Of The New Casinos 2016

Based on a study by a Gambling Commision in the UK, we can put a number on several things, like: 1. 97% is the proportion of gamblers who gambled from home through the whole year of 2016. The next most common location to gamble from was a workplace, and then from a cafe. Also, 43% of those people used their mobile phones or tablets when gambling. 2. Online gamblers admitted that they held on an average 3 accounts spread out through different platforms. 3. The bad side: 2016 has been one of the worst and most corrupted years in the industry. Licensing jurisdictions closed their eyes on fraud thanks to the software pirates. 4. The online gambling industry has been around for more than 20 years. Based on a research, the market will grow at a compound annual growth rate of 8.7% (2014 – 2020) Recap of the new casinos 2016 lets us see many ups and downs that several places have experienced, for instance, the well known William Hill lost the number one spot and has seen its cap value decrease from 5.17$ billion to $4.88 in 2016. They’ve been around since 1934 and yet experienced such a fall in 2016, all of that because several new amazing online casinos have been launched.

Recap Of The New Casinos 2016 - Which Game Is Your Poison?

The best online gambling company in 2016 was Paddy Power Betfair. Betfair merged with Paddy and dominated in the online gambling industry. Betfair was established in 2000 and they completely changed the game by putting in place a market that helped players to offer and accept each other’s wagers instead of having to face the fixed-odds packages only. Nowadays Betfair is infamous for their online casinos, pokers, and bingo.

Memorable New Casinos of 2016

Some of the newest and most memorable casinos truly made their appearance in 2016, and those are: 1. Miami Dice Casino Miami Dice Casino had an amazing welcome bonus with great professional conduct. They made a good impact on their players while showing an honest care about their clients and their thoughts about the gambling experience. 2. Spinit ”Spinit” was an overwhelming casino that offered over 1200 slots and casino games. These two previously mentioned casinos really made an impact in the online gambling world because they had more bonuses than many other sites and they had more games than some of the biggest names in the industry. 3. Rizk A beautiful superhero themed online casino that looked cheerful and fun made an impact on the younger gamblers and newbies a lot more than anyone could ever do. 4. The Grand Ivy Casino One of the best online casinos that won the trust of its fast-growing internet fan base. It gives you a chance to win three different exclusive bonuses that many casinos don’t have to offer. It started in March of the year 2016 and is still making its appearance.

Casinos In 2016 Really Had Their Moments

The year 2016 showed a massive growth and potential for several casinos. Starting from a well known Betfair who reached its potential as well as smaller and newer casinos like Rizk and Grand Ivy Casino. All of them were loved and talked about in 2016 and are still making an impact on people all the way in 2018. The fact that there are over 97% who like to gamble from home is a good indicator that casinos are really making addictive games for people all around the world, especially in the UK.